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“We are Insekt KBH – a company that makes juice with insects”

FEMTEN Fårekyllinger (or FIFTEEN Crickets) is a delicious apple-ginger shot enriched with crickets. Every bottle contains the equivalent of, well, fifteen crickets!

Our juice is made with purely natural ingredients: apple, ginger, lemon and crickets. Nothing else. With FEMTEN Fårekyllinger you get a unique umami-flavored beverage, adding a new dimension to the culinary experience.

Crickets (and insects in general) are rich in nutrition, particularly vitamin B12. This is what you need for the conversion of fat and amino acids in the body, which comprise the building blocks of protein. 

A single bottle of FEMTEN Fårekyllinger will cover 50% of your daily need for B12. Enjoy!



Do you want to distribute FEMTEN Fårekyllinger?

Whether you have a bar, shop, cafe, event or company canteen, contact us on (Note: FEMTEN Fårekyllinger does not require cooling)


“When people ask us ‘why insects?’ we have a simple answer. Why not insects?

Insekt KBH is introducing edible insects to the mainstream. We want to serve you the future of food. Now.

We want to turn edible insects truly edible and to be commonly accepted as a source of nourishment on equal grounds with conventional foods. Unlike traditional livestock, insects require a minimum of water, feed and space. They are therefore a sustainable, healthy and tasty alternative to traditional sources of nutrition. FEMTEN Fårekyllinger is a gateway drug to break down cultural barriers and introduce us to green and tasty alternatives.

Our mission is to kickstart a sustainable food revolution to provide a solution to over-consumption and food waste. We collaborate closely with the local cricket farm, Bugging Denmark, to tap into the Urban Ecosystem of innovative values. We do not regard edible insects solely as a business, but as a green movement towards a better world. And we love crickets.

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