Dare to Eat Insects | Jakob Lewin Rukov | TEDxEBS

09-Mar-2017 / TEDxEBS

“Jakob Rukov explains why edible insects constitute a solution to many of the worlds food supply problems, and the challenges (and possible solutions) on how […]”

Nominated for the INDEX: Design to Improve Life Award 2017

01-Mar-2017 / Index Design To Improve Life

“Insekt KBH is introducing edible insects to the mainstream. The company’s first product is called “FEMTEN Fårekyllinger” (FIFTEEN Crickets): an apple-ginger shot enriched with […]”

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What connects crickets in a sustainable urban food loop?

22-Feb-2017 / FoodNavigator

“Another month, another insect start-up? Maybe, but Danish firm Insekt KBH’s apple, ginger and cricket juice is different: it’s sustainable not only thanks to its ingredients but because it’s produced in […]”

Cricket Juice Tastes Way Better Than It Sounds

19-Feb-2017 / Munchies Vice

“The first thing we notice in the large cellar is the sound. It is constant and strangely crackling and grows stronger as we move further into the heart of the insect farm. What we’re listening to is […]”

Ny dansk juice er lavet af hakkede fårekyllinger

09-Feb-2017 / TV2 Nyheder

“Københavns Nordvestkvarter forsøger man i øjeblikket at finde løsningen på verdens største fødevareproblem. Derfor har to unge mænd bygget Danmarks første fårekyllingefarm og […]”

Urban farming: Coffee, juice, vegetables … and crickets !

10-Jan-2017 / Greater CPH Post

“Urban farming is expanding as startups around the world are innovating solutions for food security and climate change […]”

Kunsten å dyrke insekter

05-Jan-2017 /

“Jakob Rukov, som er biolog med doktorgrad i molekylærbiologi, har vist vei inn en smal dør i bakgården, ned to trapper, gjennom et lagerlokale. Innerst i den mørke kjelleren[…]”